Mission Vision

Panacor envisions retaining its spirit of enterprise, the ability to challenge and innovate yet remaining forever nimble and quickly responding to change as it is closely keyed in with the clients.

We foster a deeply-rooted sense of belonging in our people, and they feel secure to think in new directions, taking the initiative to try new approaches and solutions or taking risks that disrupt established norms. With an attitude that aims high and wide yet remains grounded, we are able to hear and understand our clients and respond to their every need.
Panacor aims to be:

  • To be the name best-known in the System Integration business for technical ability, service excellence, innovation and the willingness to take on impossible challenges
  • To be an organization that employs the best talent and inspires each person to give their best
  • To be the partner of choice for the best brands and to nurture these alliances
  • To be responsive to the societies we live in and serve our communities
  • To be the biggest player in the Middle East & Africa region in the next five years

  • Live our Values

    Everything we do must reflect of our core values of:
  • Leadership: The courage to think different, take new directions and shatter perceived barriers
  • Collaboration: When inspired people act as one, the sum total is greater than its parts
  • Curiosity: Never accept the status-quo. Question, challenge, keep learning
  • Integrity: Always be authentic, real, take responsibility
  • Fearlessness: Nothing new will ever be done unless we take risks to find better solutions
  • Responsiveness: Talk to people out there, observe, listen, learn – and respond to the market quickly by changing direction if needed
  • Accountability: If it is to be, it is up to me
  • Passion: Total commitment with heart and mind can achieve anything
  • Quality: Whatever we do, we give it our best and aim to excel

  • Smart Cities

    New Smart Street Light technology has been designed to represent the culmination of several sophisticated technologies in a single "pole" unit.


    Home monitoring systems to assure that kids got home just fine, light sockets that can be switched on and off by an iPhone, thermostats


    The Internet of Things (IoT) is forging the digital economic era. IoT exists in a massive, sophisticated ecosystem that requires joint investment

    Maintenance Contracts

    Focus on your Core Business while our Experts Manage your Complex AV / Security Telecom and IT Environment.collaboration